Sunday, 14 March 2010

Fluke 17B

A couple of weeks back I was looking to buy a multimeter. I wanted to stay away from cheap £20 Chinese junk but couldn't afford an expensive Fluke that I used at University and liked.

Then I came across the Fluke 15/17B. These 2 multimeters are all over eBay for ~£50-70 and have very little information about them other than a few forum debates about their authenticity, who could possibly be making them and a calibration manual at the Fluke website. Well, I bought the 17B and on the box it states:
Not for sale outside of China
Warranty void if sold outside of China

As I had no warranty I thought i'd crack open and have a look at the insides. Here are a few images of the device:


Full Set

All in all it's not a bad device. The mode selector is firm, has a good weight, nothing rattles, feels rugged enough for my use, uses AA batteries and the soldering is OK (not amazing).

I am happy with it.